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Hott Trotty Music, LLC

Welcome to Hott Trotty Music, LLC.  Grab a seat and I'll tell you how it started!

I started playing solo in Austin in 2015 as a way to celebrate my birthday. You can read more of this story on the "About" page. It's was a great experience and I loved it.  I decided to do whatever I could to keep music as a major part of my life so I sought out performance opportunities at bars, and events.   Then, as with most of us during the pandemic, I lost some valuable people who were very dear to me.  I realized I needed to do something more because life had much more potential and purpose than I was living and Hott Trotty Music, LLC was born. 


To promote the appreciation, education, history and performance of jazz, blues and soul music. It is important to show this music is an accessible and valuable part of American culture and history. 


To host immersive experiences bringing to life the elegance of  supper clubs, bluesy abandon of jook joints and heart pounding excitement of  soul concerts.  Additionally, we plan to present informational music chats, intimate events and launch a non-profit community music program to promote music education and help children explore the wide variety of occupations that are part of the music and entertainment industries. Finally, we want to create life-long music enthusiasts who will support live music, performance and education. 


To provide and promote high quality, accessible, vocal and instrumental performances of jazz, blues and soul music, and educate listeners of all ages on the history, artistry and relevance of these genres. 


Hott Trotty Music, LLC has certain values that help guide us on our journey.  These values are:

  • Inclusivity

  • Honesty

  • Integrity

  • Education

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